Cutest, Brightest, Sunniest Mail

Imagine, if you will, receiving a late afternoon text from your best friend. She's come home from the longest work day in history, but instead of being exasperated, ready to spill the tea, she can't stop smiling (you know, one of those big, goofy smiles you haven't seen in a while). She's blowing up your phone telling you all about the cutest, brightest, sunniest package she's ever received, sitting in her lap. Naturally, you join her & smile your biggest, cheesiest smile as you eagerly listen to her go on & on about her adorable surprise package! What she doesn't know, is that it wasn't that hard to make her day. In fact, in three simple steps, her package was customized, personalized, & ready to ship. And you, my friend, have quite literally received the "World's Bestest Best Friend Ever" award (Yes, it's a thing.) Kudos to you for finding Gray Skies Are Blue :)

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Select Her Box

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