Box of Sunshine

Upon delivery, the receiver will be surprised by the gentle fragrance of her package and her interest will pique at what is coming next! She is then given simple directions on how to scan her personal QR code that will direct her to an exclusive page on our website giving her access to the song that you have chosen (this can be one of the most powerful elements of this experience. If you need help choosing a song, please reach out to us in the chat section below. We are here to help!) As her song plays, she will read a handwritten note from you (fill in your message at checkout in the notes box and we will take care of the handwritten part ;). She will then unseal the wax seal, pull back the ribbon, and unfold the tissue paper. Inside she will see a beautiful reminder that someone has been thinking about her and experience a warmth of love and joy as she explores each gift included in her box. When she is finished experiencing her Box of Sunshine, her day will be a little brighter, a little sunnier, and a little more cheery.