Lil' Boxes

Have you ever wanted to send someone an encouraging gift, but didn't know what to send them? You rush through the store only to settle on a card with a simple note? 

We've totally been there. That's why we came up with our Lil' Box of Sunshine. Gray Skies Are Blue makes it easy for you to send more than a simple card to those you love. We have carefully handpicked each product in our boxes to bring the sunniest experience to your friends and family. We guarantee their day will be a little brighter and the sky a little bluer when they receive the very own, Lil' Box of Sunshine. (And you'll be a freakin' superstar!)

But wait! We can't forget the littles in your life. Check out our Littlest Box of Sunshine for your nieces, nephews, sons, daughters, granddaughters, and grandsons! Carefully curated boxes have been created just for them. We have it on good authority, that they're gonna love what you send. :)