Sticker/Cling Application

Applying Your Sticker/Cling

1.) Apply cling at room temperature. Cold surfaces reduce the cling of the vinyl.

2.) Wipe your mirror/window/metal surface clean.

3.) Peel the cling away from the paper backing.

4.) Hold cling up to the surface and press in place. 

5.) The clings are pretty forgiving. Reposition as needed. Clings will last 3 months+.

Helpful Hints

Clings hold to their surface through a natural static that is created between the surface and the cling. They can therefore stay in place on bathroom mirrors through fog and condensation.

A cling's ability to stay adhered to a surface is directly connected to cleanliness. Please ensure your surface is clean. If cling is repositioned multiple times to multiple surfaces, it may need to be reactivate if collected dirt and grime (see below).

To reactivate cling's static capabilities, please type in "reactivate" in our website search bar.  

Clings are 100% REUSABLE meaning you can remove and replace them all. day. long.

Aren't crazy with it in the bathroom? Okay! Just peel and stick it in the kitchen.

Not loving the window above the kitchen sink or microwave door? That's fine! Move it to the command center.

What the heck is a command center, you ask? No problem! Just attach the sticker to a dry erase board near your desk.

Not loving that idea either? No stress! Move the sticker to a glass picture frame and set it on your end table.

Thinking about moving your sticker outside? Great idea!! Our Reusable Stickers are perfect in the upper left hand corner of your windshield or on the (inside or outside) back windshield... wherever it'll catch your eye so that you can be reminded of your awesomeness.

Is it time for your weekly cleaning routine? Great! Just peel sticker off surface, wipe surface clean, and reapply

Bam! Done!

When we say reusable; we really mean it's 100% reusable!!