Our most frequently asked questions:

Do the Mirror Stickers hold up to bathroom fog and condensation?

Yes! Once your Mirror Stickers are placed on your choice surface, they will stay in place until removed. 

Can I move my Mirror Sticker to different locations throughout its lifespan?

Yes!! You will just want to make sure the new surface is free of dirt, dust, and debris. Stickers adhere through the natural static that occurs between the cling and it's surface. When a Mirror Sticker is removed repeatedly, dust and debris attract to it preventing it from sticking as well as it did when you first peeled off the paper backing. Tip: Practice placement before peeling paper backing to be certain of it's placement. If the Mirror Sticker gets dusty, simply follow our reactivate Mirror Sticker instructions and it will be as good as new. 

What do I do if I've moved the Mirror Sticker several times and it stops "working"?

Please see our reactivate page for a step by step process on reactivating your sticker. 

Do you offer a devotional to correspond with you clings?

Yes!!! We have included Downloadable PDF Devotionals for most Mirror Stickers. Mirror Stickers in our "Last Chance" category do not have downloads at this time.