Gray Skies Mirror Sticker Club

So ... you love the Mirror Stickers and are pretty sure you're going to memorize the message (and therefore allow it to change your thinking) within days, right? And, you already know you're going to want more, correct?

Now what?

Receive three new (3 x 3) Mirror Stickers every other month along with their corresponding one-day devotionals, plus a 5-25% off coupon off our Faith Wearables Collection - all wrapped in a pretty package with free shipping for only $8.99/month!

What's awesome about our subscription?

*We contribute 10% of our monthly subscription profits to local and worldwide Christian Charities who work hard to bring help and healing to children around the world.

*We're pretty sure you'll love getting new Mirror Stickers every month, but if you need to cancel at any time, just email us at to let us know and we'll take care of the rest.

*The best part about the monthly subscription is that you can bless your friends with the same life-giving message you see every day! College students place them in their dorm rooms, on group message boards, hall mirrors, or car windows. Teenagers place them on their locker mirrors, bathroom mirrors, or on a frame near the computer. Kids can adhere them to their bedroom windows, mirrors, or desk organizers. 

*And don't forget, all Gray Skies Mirror Sticker Club messages ship for free!