Lil' Box of Sunshine Anyone?

Wanna spread sunshine in a unique and creative way? 

Then you've definitely come to the right place!

We have carefully curated our Lil' Box of Sunshine collection to meet exactly what you need to send to a friend. We work to hit each of the five senses with our unique boxes.

Allow us to explain.

First: When a Lil' Box of Sunshine arrives, it comes in an adorable poly mailer that makes everyone smile. (Seriously.)  

Second: Once opened, the lucky recipient will pull out a carefully packaged box that will have a slight pleasing aroma to stir her curiosity. On top of her box is the cutest poem ever. This poem instructs her how to activate the sound element of her box.

Third: With the beautiful song (you've selected) playing, she will then open her Lil' Box of Sunshine to find the sweetest handwritten note from you! (You tell us what to write and we'll take care of the handwritten part.)

Fourth: Your friend will unfold the carefully sealed tissue paper to catch a glimpse of three-four tangible gifts, handpicked by you! Each gift comes with clear directions or explanations; one of which will be to enjoy their tasty treat while opening the remaining gifts. 

Once their experience is complete, should they continue to dig around their box, they may find a few more surprises (shhh! We've included a beautiful, encouraging (& frameable), hand-lettered art for her to enjoy.) And once all is said and done, & the tears are dried, the food is consumed, & the song has ended, she will know that she is not forgotten, she is loved, and she is treasured. And maybe, just maybe, her countenance will be a little brighter, her day a little sunnier, and her skies a little bluer. 

All. Because. Of. You. 

So there you have it, guys. Which Lil' Sunshine Box are you going to ship first? (We can't wait to find out!)

(In case you haven't been told lately, thank you for thinking of others. Thank you for taking the time to bless your friends and family with something that can truly change the course of their day. God bless you!)