Special Order

Designing and creating are our thing! We love doing it! But there are a few rules we have to follow when working with special orders. 

1.) Tell us the basic theme and color scheme of your event.

2.) Email us the life-changing message you want printed on your Mirror Sticker - what empowering message does your crew need to hear? (maximum of 10-15 words)

3.) Give us 48-72 hours to design and create 2 - 3 Mirror Stickers to choose from.

4.) Once you've made your selection (and final tweaks have been made per your request) your custom designed Mirror Sticker will be printed and shipped to your door (tied with a pretty blue ribbon) within 2-3 weeks. Not so bad, huh? You're gonna love them!!

Email us at admin@grayskiesareblue.com to get your special order moving. Subject Line: SPECIAL ORDER