Our Gray Skies Turned Blue

Hey there! Charity here. Thank you for stopping by. :)

I'm a wife to an amazing man and mother to four awesome teenage daughters. As any parent knows, raising kids in the 21st century is hard. Tackling the negative self-talk that comes at our kid's minds through social media, movies & shows, and yes, even friends are tough to stay on top of. Remember when they were little and you could say “good job!” and they’d beam with joy? Yeah. That doesn’t seem to fly when they hit the teenage years. Do they want the encouragement? Yes! Do they need encouragement? More than ever. But the hubby and I ended up learning this the hard way.

A few years ago, when one of our daughters began dealing with some pretty tough stuff, I knew something had to change. My go-to responses weren’t getting through to her. She was older and more independent, yes, but she still needed intentional guidance, purposeful love, and focused encouragement. I needed her to remember who she was because of Who Jesus said she was, to remind her that struggles come to us all but we can learn to trust God during tough times, and most importantly, I needed her to know that she is never, ever alone. The God of the universe is always by her side.

So with a dry erase marker, I began writing positive messages (scriptures that pertained to her situation) on the bathroom mirror. Over time these messages would become erased or wiped clean during chore time, but the girls weren't erasing the messages. They seemed to welcome this different approach to hearing God's Word. It was at this moment that I began searching for ways to make our concept more sustainable. 

After a lot of prayer and research, our signature product, Mirror Messages, was born. We found a company who would print prayers and scriptures on static vinyl cling for us. And I wanted these prayers to be where the kids could see them every morning (mirrors were perfect!).  Let me tell you, our four teenagers took those little prayers/powerful messages and scattered them all around the house. We had Mirror Messages on the entryway mirror, closet mirrors, and bathroom mirrors. We even found one daughter had placed one in the corner of the car windshield (we have a driver in the house now). The Mirror Messages were attached to their message boards at their desks, on picture frames on their end tables, and even on the family fish tank (totally not kidding!). The Word of God was changing their hearts one scripture at a time in a most unique and creative way. God's Word was working!

Fast forward several months, and we began adding encouraging stickers to our collections. Any laptop stickers we offered needed to be durable, waterproof (ever sat through a rainy game?), scratch-resistant, and trendy. We needed them to stand up to the girls' horseback riding lessons, soccer practices, school classes, and everyday use of electronics. And that's exactly what you have with the awesome laptop stickers we sell at Gray Skies!

Today, my girls and I handpick every curated design with you in mind. We want you encouraged, inspired, and reminded of where you can put your trust and Who is always on your side. Annnnd because teenagers have a unique sense of humor, we offer you our humorous collection of stickers :) Hopefully it, too, will bring a little sunshine your way.   

Know that our goal is to provide you with excellent customer service & high-quality products that won’t break the bank. We want you to love what you purchase from us. If you ever need anything regarding your order, reach out to us. We are here to help!

We put our hearts into our collections and processes and hope you love everything as much as we do! 


Charity and the girls 


(They were so little!)