Turning Our Gray Skies Blue

Almost two years ago, my husband and I went through a tumultuous time with one of our daughters. She was becoming more and more distant from us withdrawing from family activities and social events. It concerned us, but she was 13 (almost 14) years old, so we assumed this was the beginning of the crazy teen years so many had warned us about. 

At this same time, my father (and biggest cheerleader in my life) was passing away. The night he took his last breath, my husband found alarming texts on my daughter's phone. 

To say our world was rocked is an understatement. We are a Bible-believing, God-fearing family who attends church regularly, reads our Bible often, and prays together daily. 

In an attempt to not completely freak out on my daughter, I silently prayed. "Where on earth had I missed it? What led us to this point? What could I do to bring restoration to my sweet baby girl?" God heard my prayers.

Through this string of prayers, God began to quicken my heart to speak more words of encouragement over my daughter. Additionally, I saw the need to spend more time learning about her interests, listening to her heart, and verbally accepting her as she is. 

God is so good. 

Throughout the many, many months that followed, God began the restoration process in mine and my daughter's hearts and I started writing powerful truths on our bathroom mirror to tell her what God's Word said about her. She initially didn't want to hear it from me, so this was the only way I could communicate it without really communicating it (if you know what I mean).

Over time the powerful messages would become wiped clean during chore time or erased by accident...but not by her. And I realized we were onto something. My daughter was listening because the message was coming from a completely different source...words she could read and quietly process on her own. She was reading these truths and began speaking them over herself. We watched her confidence begin to grow.  And I wondered, how can I make this more sustainable...something more permanent?

God directed our steps to create the products you see at Gray Skies Are Blue. We (this same daughter and I) worked together to create and design the powerful truths we felt daughters (young and old) could benefit from (and the mom in me wanted them to stick to mirrors effortlessly). What was birthed were the awesome self-clinging Reusable Mirror Stickers found on our site.

We have heard firsthand how these messages are changing the lives of children, tweens, and teens all around the United States. Mirror Stickers can help change you or your child's mindset too.

Thank you. Thank you for taking time to read our story. We are honored that you would consider purchasing our products. And please believe us when we say, we know how powerful words can change a person's mindset and help them lean into the loving arms of those around them. 

God did it for my daughter and I. He will do it for you too. <3