Our Gray Skies Turned Blue

Hey there! Charity here. Thank you for stopping by. :)

I'm a wife to an amazing man and mother to four awesome teenage daughters and as any parent knows, raising kids in the 21st century is hard. Combating the negativity that comes at our kid's minds through social media, movies & shows, and yes, even friends are tough to stay on top of and teenagers do not always respond to encouragement the way they did when they were little.

When one of our daughters began dealing with some pretty tough stuff a few years ago, I knew something had to change. I could not be absent-minded about her needs. She was older and more independent, yes. But she still needed intentional guidance, purposeful love, and focused encouragement. I needed her to remember who she was because of Who Jesus was in her life, to remind her that struggles come to us all but we can learn to trust in God during tough times, and most importantly, I wanted her to know that she was never, ever alone. The God of the universe is always by her side.

So with a dry erase marker, I began writing positive messages (scriptures that pertain to her and her sisters) on their mirror. Over time the messages would become erased or wiped clean during chore time, but I realized the girls weren't wiping these messages off. They seemed to be welcoming this different approach to positive encouragement. It was at that moment that I began searching for ways to make this concept more semi-permanent.

From this research birthed our signature product, reusable mirror stickers we call: Mirror Messages.  We began printing positive messages on static vinyl cling that the girls could place on their dry erase boards, mirrors, or glass surfaces to remind them of who they are in Christ. And let me tell you, they took those little prayers and scattered them all around their bedrooms and bathrooms, mirrors and dry erase boards, and more. We even found one stuck to the microwave and one on the fridge (I have a couple of daughters who love to bake!). The Word of God was changing their hearts one message at a time.

Shortly after launching Mirror Messages, we began adding encouraging stickers that could stand up to the girls' soccer practices, horseback riding lessons, school classes, and everyday use of electronics. 

Today, with each of my four daughters, we handpick each curated design with you in mind. We want you encouraged, inspired, and reminded of where you can put your trust. We even offer a collection of humorous stickers - thanks to their teenage sense of humor ;)  Because our culture is ever-changing, you'll see designs come and go. The ones that stick around are either our personal favorites (& usually most popular among you guys) or our most powerful (chock full of the Word of God) :)

Please know that our goal is to provide you with excellent customer service & high-quality products that are positive, beautiful, and on-trend. If you ever need anything regarding your order, we are here to help!

We put our hearts into our collections and hope you love everything as much as we do! 


Charity and the girls