I Will Not Quit Prayer

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Stay the course, dear friend. Don't give up. Don't quit. He's prepared you for something great. Press in. Stay focused and never quit!

These powerful truths are printed on premium static vinyl so that you can strategically place them in various locations around the house or at the office. 

*4" x 4" ~ perfect for the mirror, window, or dry erase boards
*made from premium self-clinging vinyl that adheres through the natural static that occurs between surface and cling
*leaves no sticky residue 

*FREE PDF Devotional Download*

We want to help you keep this powerful message before you. It is darkest just before the sun rises. But guess what? The. Sun. Rises. Don't give up! You will rise too.

Customer Reviews

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What a wonderful message

What a wonderful message to put on my daughter’s mirror so she can be reminded daily not just of our love for her but God’s love for her. I know we will order many more of these to share with our friends!

Thank you so much, Jessica! We value your support :)